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Born in Harlem,NY Janeen Makeeba Miller Smith known to her friends and family as Neenee, always loved art and its foundation. In 2002 she started a small one-on-one class with a fashion designer in her middle school of Booker T. Washington MS 54. With the courgement of Marie F. Simeone and Virginia Young, she got excepted into her top High School of choose, HS of Fashion Industries. She went to study Fashion Illustration; touching base on Art History,Art Illustriation,Fashion Design,Photography and all the great subjects you can learn in a High School. But once freshman year ended, her love of art seem to fade and her growing love for the dark side seem to grow.

"At that time, I was hanging around with the wrong people and I thought I couldn't amount to anything but that". The love she had for the Gothic/Punk Cult increased her to hang with the worng people and their atmosphere. In 2005 her grades became poor and she thought her life could get much worse, till her art work started to grow back, but instead of Fashion it was paintings and drawings that became to grow even more.

In 2006 instead of skiping Art class, she decided to make a cometment and stay in class to develop her portfilo. Her art work grew from a grim two dimencinal to a three dimencinal pecies. She loved creating creatures and dark people to come to light. In 2006-2007 her love for Photographery also became a passion along with her thoghts of becoming a model.

She graduated in 2007 winning a Social Studies award of her great efforts. "It shocked me because I never paid attention in thoughs classes, but it was great non-the less".

In Jaunuary 2008, she found a job working with the Children's Arts and Science Workshops Inc. as a Head Youth Educator. "I never knew that working with kids will be an awarding excperince. I love working with the children and I hope to continue to have great exsperince working with this company." On April 2008 she recently showed her art work at a art gallery in Williamsburg,Brooklyn. "That was my first ever show Ive ever done and I hope to do more like that!"

She is now currently developing her modeling portfolio along creating her own fashion design portfolio. She is also in the works of developing a small art gallery show in the 207st. Art Gallery where she lives with her current boyfriend Jason.

First Name
Neenee,Miss Little Ghoul
Age 34
Gender Female
Location United States
Created on 26 April 1960 05:00 AM
Last login 03 April 2010 08:44 PM
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Food in Ny
Hot Dog
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Death Metal,Alternative Rock,Indie
Film made in Ny
Die Hard with a Vengence
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CSI:New York
Place in Ny
Washington Heights/Inwood

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