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Introducing the leader in the next generation of Da'body none other than Da Gift. Da Gift, also known as A.P.'s protege, has been in preparation from the time he was conceived. A freestyle king when he was as young as 7yrs old. Destined for greatness, a natural born star, the camera magnet, Isaiah "Da Gift" Morton has been making major noise across the entertainment world. Where ever there's a ball, a mic, or a beat machine, you can find Da Gift in the spotlight making crowds oooooohhhh and ahhhhhh.

As a baller He is nationally ranked one of the top 10th grade guards in the country. As a freshman he almost made player of the year in his conference at St Augustine Prep High, putting up impress stats 18ppg 8ast 2stl.

He has shown off his ball handling skills in various events such as the ABCD Basketball camp ESPN special on hs ballers going straight to the pros, NbA allstar weekend (atlanta), And 1 mixtape, Adidas Photo shoot featuring the top 3 nyc handles Shannon Bobbit (Tennesse Univ.) Sebastian Telfair (Boston Celtics) Isaiah Morton (Da Gift), our own Blessed Brovaz music video Da Verge and most recently Lil mama's "Lip Gloss" video.

As an upcoming producer he brings much creativity similiar to his wild energy on the bball court with a variety of different drum patterns as well as next generation chords and rhythms that will keep you up out of your seat 24/7!

Look out for Da Gift yall!

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