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Bstar (Bernard Mathis) was born in Eustis, Florida on September 9,1994. As a young child Bernard became interested in music. At the age of 8 Bernard began to learn music and began to play the piano, and he loved it. Soon after he learned to read music he joined his church youth choir. There he learned that vocals are the greatest instrument of all. He enjoyed singing in the church chior so much that he joined the school chorus, and actually lead a song in a Christmas musical.While in his Church choir he became interested in the drums. With the permission of the choir leader Bernard began to learn and became proficient at playing the drums. Later on when Bernard was 13 he became interested in rap. He saved up his money and set up his own personal recording studio. A few months later Bernard came in contact with Auturio Johnson who was in possession of professional recording equiptment. Bernard took hold of any knowledge he could get. He now Engineers, mixes, and produces music on a daily basis. He actually mixes his own material. Bernard actually says that music saved his life, because while he could have been out doing foolish things and wasting his life, he was fascinated with learning about music! Bstar is a positive rap artist. He make fun hip hop as well as christion rap. the majority of his music is about being a kid and having fun, while staying out of trouble.


http://www.youtube.com/v/s0ia9LwG9Zg?fs=1&hl=e n_US" name="allowFullScreen" value="true"

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