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Trying to get some human interaction here!
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Deeper within me I know there is something special. I thought I saw something but it might be a mirage something in the distance that's not really there. It was so beautiful but I knew it was not mine to behold.I feel so deep sometimes it can be a curse and it can be a blessing. I look in the mirror and try to see me, the good things, the bad things, the mistakes, and the glories. What out weighs what it's hard to figure. I had so many things in my past that wanted to take hold of me and sometimes I look up and there they are staring me in the face trying to take me again and but I refuse to go. Other times I look up and the heavens have opened up for me and my lord gives me a taste of his greatness. So deep I feel how can I control it. Can you see me or will you glance and walk right by. Maybe you will see a shape that is me but can't see what's inside. So many words on this screen you might see but what I see is me the good the bad and the beautiful. But I believe


I can't sum me up in words but what you want to know ask and I will tell you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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lavanteisaac 04 June 2010 02:26 AM
33, Male, United States
Thanks for the invite mami looking sexi