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A Friend or Inspiration

Zech Marbury is an aspiring basketball player. He is from Coney Island, New York. He currently resides in Los Angeles. He is a relaxed and humble young man who really wants to better himself and make others around him happy. He strives for nothing but perfection on and off the court. Zech is great teacher on and off the court as well, by doing hands on teaching while performing drills in workouts. In workouts he is the leader and others will follow in pursuit. That is the mentality of a great player when you are trying to be the best you can be, and the best in the world. He is great at leading by example in all things that come to mind, because mostly everything that has happened he has encountered.

?Is Zech Marbury is an inspiration and a friend?? Well he is both to me. He might not be the household name but surely, he will. By believing in God he has taught me that you got to stick with what you want to do no matter what happens, even if you get turned away. He inspires me in many ways from being better than he is in basketball, to learning about simple things in life. He teaches me a lot other than basketball, like believing in God because he has a plan for you and it may not be what you want but that is what he has in store for you. I know it is pretty hard to swallow and think that you would possibly have to give up on what you love. Well, you wouldn?t have to give up, but God will let you know what he has planned for you. He also works really hard on what he wants to achieve, I can tell by his work ethic and how he goes about doing daily things like workouts, eating habits, and just many things in general.

Zech is a hero, because he doesn?t only inspire me he also inspires others that watch him play or see him elsewhere. Prior to knowing Zech I did not know anything about him or know who he was. Later we got to know each other and he is a caring person that likes to interact with others. He also is a very expressive person. The world is better not just because of him, but by the other people who have taught him and helped him reach where he is now. Not just one person can make the world better, because what makes the world better is a collective group of millions of people. He is just one of them people who have impacted lives, and to me he has impacted my life. What you can learn from him is his determination to keep fighting and never give up, and strive for greatness because anything else is failure. Not in the sense of just giving up, but in sense of keep fighting till you can?t anymore. Zech Marbury is more than a friend, he is an inspiration.

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