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Black Precedent & Collectiv Vision mixtape coming soon!!!!
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Keith Lamonte Cyrus (December 3, 1985), better known as Sagittarius Black, Sag Black and Young Sag, is an up and coming rapper and producer of African-American and Trinidadian descent from Brooklyn, New York.

In 2006, Sag met 23 year-old DJ Gunz Out through a mutual friend. Together they formed the Brooklyn Collectiv, a music group geared towards developing artists of all genres, encouraging them to become songwriters and exercise creative control over their careers. Through his myspace page www.myspace.com/sagittariusblack they have released dozens of remixes and original works. The Collectiv's first original song was "New York Rap", which was recorded in March of 2006. Sag's debut album "Burden Of Proof", a musical collage which features original production from himself and DJ Gunz, is available for purchase at www.brooklyncollectiv.com and at www.myspace.com/sagittariusblack.

The son of a civil rights activist, Sag was taught at a very young age that change does not occur unless there is action. The rallies, neighborhoods and institutions he would find himself entangled in throughout his formative years would create the self-concious, humble, and dedicated spirit that his lyrics exemplify. Inspired by such artists as Rakim, Biggie Smalls, Tupac Shakur, Jay-Z, Nas and Mos Def, Sag successfully paints pictures of a young black male trapped between the seedy world of hustlers, pimps, gangsters, and thieves and blends it harmoniously with deep socio-economic issues, and harmless humor that is characteristic of his multi-faceted upbringing.

"Burden Of Proof", the debut album from Sagittarius Black, proves that Hip-hop is not responsible for most of the negative things happening in society. Serving as Hip-hop's life support, Sagittarius Black is here to keep it alive. On this album, you?ll find bass bumping beats complemented by Sag?s inventive metaphors and lyrical expression. Catchy hooks found in every song will keep you singing for days.

The album boasts 17 tracks of lyrical wizardry, including tracks like "Doin' It for Hip Hop," the club banger "What Ya Mama Gave Ya," and the intense "Rah (Insanity Plea)."

Standouts include the incredible posse cut "You Need Me" featuring rapper AP alongside Brooklyn Collectiv colleagues D. Wilz, Yung Image, and Jae Cy. There is also the politically charged "Certified" featuring vocalist D. Wilz that touches on the recent U.s. election climate issues mixed with personal empowerment.

Download "Burden Of Proof" FREE at:
http://www.brooklyncollectiv.com/audio/SagittariusBlackBurd enOfProof.zip

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All good making moves Whats good on ur end

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Good looks on the luv my dude... Get it!

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i dunno i told him to make a page...but i guess i'll end up doing it myself lol

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Hey there u sexy dark chocolate what u wearing? lol

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in the buildinggggg! let's get it kidddd