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The early days

Mickey Rishi Chiua Nagessersing (MRC) was born on the 1st of December 1987
in the city of our nations capital Amsterdam, and grew up in Purmerend not far
from Amsterdam. He got the nickname MRC from his father even before he was born,
and is an abbreviation of his full name. At the age of three, MRC got his first
drum kit from his parents and soon was discovered he had an exceptional talent
for music. Not knowing then, his passion for making music would only grow

The rough

In 1993 his parents divorced and MRC became the product of a broken family
and much hardships. During this period you could usually find him roaming the
streets late at night and sometimes getting himself into some sort of

In the rebound

Around the passing of the millennium MRC decided to take a new direction and
become more serious about his music. He gathered around friends with similar
interests from whom he could learn and share concepts and ideas. But soon even
they could not keep in pace with MRCs eagerness to evolve. MRC started to take
risks to obtain his goals. Fast tracking his way through life, he build his own
recording studio (Monster Recordz) and went to the states, New York, to become
a sound technician/-engineer. There, at Night Owl Studios, he got his trades
from Paul Snook, a very high ranking engineer.

When he returned to the Netherlands, his mind was made up. He started to
record albums and shoot video clips in high pace. Ever growing and evolving. He
grew to be an artist of all genres: Hip-hop, rock, classical; all he
incorporates into his music.


After another trip to the states, to record tracks for his album, MRC gets
discovered by Ear-play and soon a deal is signed.

We are thrilled to work with each other, MRC says, Were
going to release my first mix tape, record a lot of videos and make tons of
music. Its all I ever dreamed of. And every day Im raising the bar a little
higher; to become even better.
I produce my own songs, write my own songs and
even record them too. Ear-Play runs the promotion, and I cant wait to see what
the future will bring.

MRC is very talented and we can see his dedication. There seem to be
little stopping him from reaching his goals and to make it to success.


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