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What it do its ya boy Mac Twelve, A 20 year rapper from Paducah, Kentucky. Born December 27th, 1988 and inspired by Hip-Hop rappers such as Jay-Z, Nas, 2pac, Biggie, Lil Wayne, Drake, Cassidy, Eminem, and my all time favorite group that ive been listening to since I was 6 years old, rap group Bonethugsnharmony. Ive done all kinds of raps from rapping fast (Tongue Twisting), Rapping metaphorically (Raps With Punchlines), To story telling lyrics, and even harmonizing. Im known for rapping on instrumentals of pretty much any style such as hardcore to gangsta rap to old school hip-hop Ive enter contests, only performed in front of high school crowds. Ive never had the opportunity to work with people who actually have a name in the music business. There was one time where we could have been known by an A&R of Jive Records. But an altercation occured due to the police the same night that my crew was supposed to perform. Been rapping since i was 10 years old and currently developing better skills year by year. Never had a chance to be on the radio.....never got a chance to get my demo out to the world because i didnt quite master my music yet. So to me no one will even bother looking my way if it ever came down to selling CDs on the block. Dont quite have a fanbase or my own website yet. But i am looking for an opportunity to perform in front of major record label A&R's, Promoters, Artists.....anything. Oh and im not a rich dude so...I didnt have money to buy great sound quality equipment. The songs that I recorded was recorded with a regular microphone and the program known as "Vegas". Ive been told that A&R's do not accept music with bad sound quality. Im not saying that my music is bad sounding but in some parts...you cant understand what im saying. So please im asking any scouters thats looking for new rappers and unsigned artists. Just try to bare with me on this one......thanks and enjoy

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