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The Singer

Born in Cleveland, Ohio J. Godwin Is No stranger to the streets.
Spending most of his

Time running with guys older then him, he learned the game of life at
the early age of 12.

Looking for an outlet, he turn to his Mother Tammy Godwin for the
answer. Whom at the

Time was singing in local clubs and doing small tour runs. Testing his
vocal ability she

She discovered he had the same gift she was blessed with.

Its not about where your from

Moving to Niagara Falls, NY gave J. a fresh start. And a even bigger
drive. Entering

Talent shows all over the city of Niagara . Help J sharpen his God given
skills. Song

Writing came natural almost like breathing air. Spinning tales about
life and love.

Songs that are soul searching, uplifting, and sure to touch any
listeners heart.

You remind me

From the first moment of hearing him your thinking this voice is an
absolute classic,

Rich, Raspy, and Intense. Strangely familiar, at the same time
Unmistakably Original.

Giving up has never been an option, with the right team behind me and
God at the front of everything there is no stopping J. Godwin

Its My Time

With the fire that forever burns in his heart for music J. Godwin is
still on his journey for

R&B greatness. Doing local shows in Atlanta, GA, Buffalo, NY, Ohio,
Canada, etc..

With four underground CDs under his belt. and enough note books to go
around your

Local high school the time is now. The aim is high and the drive is
full speed ahead..

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