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be health and be vibrance
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Vibrance Health Services is a multi-disciplined approach to promote proactive health and address aging alternatives. At Vibrance we provide the knowledge and tools for optimal health at any age. Vibrance Health Services provides comprehensive medical wellness care in an environment that integrates hormonal balancing and nutritional therapy with chiropractic and spa services. Our goal is to help our clients slow the aging process and achieve optimal physical, mental and emotional well-being.

We call this unique, holistic concept of health Vibrant Heath�

Vibrance Health Services, we use:

  • An extensive array of laboratory diagnostic resources,

  • Bioidentical hormone therapy

  • Advanced genetic and genomic tests,

  • Chiropractic services including the DRX9000,

  • Spa services focused on scientific anti-aging and stress management techniques,

  • Individualized diet, vitamin and nutriceutical and exercise programs,

  • Innovative medical treatment protocols emphasizing natural,
    non-pharmaceutical solutions to attain the goal of Vibrant Heath� for each

"Dr. Clair and the Vibrance Medical Group have really made my life better. At 49, my hormone levels are naturally decreasing, and with the therapy, guidance and monitoring my levels have reversed direction and are headed back up.

This means, more energy, less fat, better leaner muscles, better recovery, and my love life ain't bad either.

Thanks to all for making my life more Vibrant.

D. M."

Click here for more testimonials

So many cancers, diseases, and effects of aging can be prevented by simple preventative measures you can take yourself and with the help of Vibrance services.

Click here to learn about the Optimal Health Programs for Men and Women.

From www.oprah.com.

Click here for video

Legions of women across America are going about their daily lives feeling out of sorts. "You feel flat and you feel tired, you haven't had a good night's sleep in two years [and you're] just going through the motions, trying to get through the day," Oprah says. "You feel like your life force is being sucked out of you."

The February issue of O, The Oprah Magazine delves into the root of this problem and possible fixes, and Oprah is taking the discussion even farther. "We're opening a national conversation about hormone replacement therapy," she says. "This is about your hormones being out of whack, and you don't even know?we haven't had a language to talk about it yet."

Hormone replacement therapy is relevant to women of all ages, Oprah says. "If you're a woman who's planning to live past the age of 35, at some point you're going to face hormone imbalance," she says. "All women need to be armed with this information."

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