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When you think about Female R&B singers, the same ones always seem to come to mind. Well, be prepared to add another one to that short list. The Sexy Alaysia Nikole, officially dubbed ?Carolina?s First Lady? is ready for the limelight. One look at her and the word beautiful will enter your mind. She is a perfect combination of talent and beauty, which makes her a force to be reckoned with. You may ask what makes her so special. Determination! Failure is not in this young ladies vocabulary. In the music Industry only the strong survive. There are those who try and fail, then give up or those who try until they succeed. Alaysia has proven to be one of the strong ones, as she will stop at nothing to make her mark in the game.

Armed with a powerful weapon, her voice, Alaysia captivates listeners. She paints a vivid picture on every song with everyday life, mixing old and new school, Hip hop and R&B. She?s as real as they come, unlike most artists, who are manufactured to what the industry believes the public wants. Alaysia has had her shares of heart aches; as it always seemed like disappointment was always just around the corner. Every song, written by her, is something that she?s been through at some point or another in her life. Her music touches all bases, from going out with her girls to being taken to the lowest point in a relationship. She makes music for everyone, with tracks such as I?m Ready produced by Jimi Kendrix (Smith Bros.), as well as Breathe and Hustla?s Girl produced by native North Carolinian C-Dub.

Is she a star in the making? Or is she already a star in her own rights, accumulating over 1.5 million Myspace plays, 135,000 fans and over 86,000 comments in a year. Wow, that?s major. Alaysia has taken the industry by storm, with rave reviews from a host of websites, magazines and numerous mix tapes features. Alaysia has been making a name for herself. Her debut Album I?m Ready was released Feb 08 and has already sold thousands of copies online World Wide. Her most recent accomplishment was winning the R&B female artist of the year award at the NCUMA?s.
No one knows what?s in store for this young vivacious Carolina Star, but from the looks of it her future seems bright. One thing?s for sure, two things for certain; it won?t be long before she blows and the world knows her name. ?Alaysia Nikole?

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Here's a lil something for the ladies who are tired of hearing tomorrow:
Verse 1:
How come tomorrow never seems to ever come tru,You said that tomorrow all your running would be thru,Well now it's tomorrow and it's just like yesterday, Now I can't believe you not a single word you say,Chorus: And now I'm sitting here with all of my lonely tears tomorrow,Can't take this pain away, there's nothing you can say to me tomorrow, I'll be on my way I'm packing up my bags to leave tomorrow,Tomorrow ohh tomorrow, will never come,Verse 2:I thought that tomorrow, all my crying would be done,
And now it's tomorrow and you still the only one,Can't get past tomorrow cause I'm stuck in yesterday,Wish I could just get there, but I'm still so far awayChorus again:And now I'm sitting here with all of my lonely tears tomorrow,Can't take this pain away, there's nothing you can say to me tomorrow, I'll be on my way I'm packing up my bags to leave tomorrow,Tomorrow ohh tomorrow, will never come??laysia Nikole Publishing

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