UR UGLY! Amanda Bynes DISSES Miley Cyrus on Twitter, Is She Jealous Over Her Fiance Liam Hemsworth?!!


Welp….it looks like Miley Cyrus joins Rihanna, Drake, Chrissy Teigen and Lance Bass in the Ugly Club

That’s right Amanda is calling everybody ugly on twitter….the 27 year old tweeted 20 year old Miley with just two words

“Ur UGLY “

and then retweeted two…

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TWITTER WAR: Chris Brown is BITTER over Break-up with Rihanna!! ‘She’s not mine if she’s everybody elses’


All is fair in Love and twitter war…..

Last week, Chris Brown confirmed his fifth or sixth break-up with Rihanna and said with a shrug,

“I can’t really be focused on wife-ing somebody that young. … I just got to step forward and…

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Antoine Dodson No Longer GAY: Homosexuality Can Be ‘Lifted’ From YOU (VIDEO)

15th Annual Webby Awards

‘Hide ya wives hide ya kids’…….

If that slogan sounds familiar to you then you well remember Antoine Dodson…who basically became an internet sensation OVERNIGHT after he rescued his sister from a bedroom intruder a couple of years ago….

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Celebrities Mourn the Loss of Kris Kross Rapper Chris Kelly

kris-kross-dead-chris-kellyThe startling news of Chris Kelly’s death took us by surprise…..

The rapper was only 34 years old, in good health but found unresponsive in his home and pronounced dead at an Atlanta Medical Center with No further information about the circumstances surrounding…

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Meet Omar Borka Al Gala: A Man TOO SEXY for Saudi Arabia!!


I’m to sexy for my shirt…too sexy for your COUNTRY too sexy yea yea…

Remember those lyrics?! Well apparently that situation can be true..because a man named Omar Borka Al Gala was kicked out of an entire COUNTRY for being TOO SEXY!!

Could you…

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Anthony Weiner Promises Future D*@k Tweets Will Be Much Classier

Weiner gives reporters an idea of what to expect, size-wise

From BrokenWorldNews.com
NEW YORK CITY—Former U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner recently launched a new Twitter account amid rumors that the Democrat is exploring a possible run in the upcoming race for mayor of New…

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Ciara Explains CRAZY BEEF with Rihanna..Interview Confirms its over Her Lover & Rapper Future?!


If you ever wondered what started the R & beef between Ciara and Rihanna, wonder no more!

Ciara finally took the time to address the issues at hand…and it sounds like its over her new boo Future who also penned a…

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