WATCH: Kanye West Rant On Charlamagne ‘SHUT THE F UP!!!!’


Kanye West is back at ranting again……

During his concert at University Park, PA Kanye decided to bring up an old interview with Charlamagne (Power 105) and tell him to SHUT THE F*** UP!!!

After 3 moths, Kanye just mustered up the…

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WATCH: Nicki Minaj RANT About Rapper Who Claims He Wrote Her Rhymes!! (VIDEO)

Nicki Minaj went NUTZ on a camera-man that claimed she uses a ghost-writer…..

All was well last night after Nicki Minaj left a party in Hollywood, California until one cameraman confronted her about a rapper name Ransom who claimed to write…

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Brotherly Love: Kanye And Jay Z All Smiles in New York…NO BEEF!


Don’t Kanye and Jay-z look so happy to see each other…..

Awwwwe, Its kinda refreshing to see the brotherly love after Kanye West publicly dissed his mentor Jay for his latest single with Justin Timberlake, “Suit & Tie”.

Funny thing is Justin Timberlake was…

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