JUSTICE SERVED!! Kanye West Signpost that he Head Banged Gets RAISED!!


The Bright Red Sign that took out Kanye West forehead has been sentenced to hanging…a few feet higher than before that is.. Thank Good ness! Anyone could have ran into that Big Bright Red Sign… Sounds like celebrity justice!

Check out…

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KANYE WEST Rants About Walking Into Pole & Slams Paparazzi ‘I’M NOT A CELEBRITY’


‘Im a terrible, terrible, terrible celebrity’….

We know, Kanye. You don’t have to do any explaining….but Kanye wouldn’t be the Kanye West  we all love or hate if he didn’t get on stage and rant about everything he goes through!

Today, Kanye

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[PHOTOS] Kanye West HEAD KNOTTED UP after He WALKS into A METAL POLE & Spazzes Out on Paparazzi AGAIN!


Oooh Weee, That must hurt of hurt…..

Kanye West sported a nasty-looking KNOT on his forehead today…..remnants of his accident from yesterday when he walked right into a metal sign that said “CAUTION” ..oooooh the irony!!

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