AUDIO LEAKED!! Kanye West Taylor Swift Post 2009 VMA Rant Hits The Net


“Taylor Swift can NOT beat Beyonce as long as I’m alive!” 

That’s just one of the lines that Kanye West said after he SNATCHED the MTV VMA Award from Taylor Swift, telling her “Beyonce had the greatest video of all time!”

It’s been a whopping FOUR YEARS since the Yeezy and Taylor Swift incident….. BUT people still can’t let it go! Today an audio hit the net of Kanye backstage talking to people in his circle about why Taylor didn’t deserve to win while also bringing up his mom dying because of this “Fame sh*t.” Can we say the 10 letter word that starts with an I and ends with DEATH I….


To his defense he was spotted turning up a bottle of Henny before he hit the stage that night (Seen above) and whoever leaked the record was someone who was in agreement with him and definitely from his inner circle. I also now that this year’s MTV Awards are right around the corner, so it sounds like promo to me…. ijs there’s nothing like perfect timing!

During the audio recording  he doesn’t just stop at Taylor he also rants about why he wasn’t asked to perform “Heartless” but Pink performed twice–including a track that he had never heard –and he gives props to Eminem for winning Best Hip Hop song the year prior. But Pink responded via twitter today….and she didn’t take offense (See her response below)

Catch more of Kanye West ’s dialogue and more in the video below:

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