Sinead O’COnner To Miley Cyrus,” The Music Industry Doesn’t Give a Sh*t About You”!!!


Good Girl Vs. Badd

Miley Miley Miley! The well known Disney star princess Miley Cyrus has been trying her very best to get rid of the sweet little roll model image she once portrayed on Disney. Now that shes grown, shes giving it all up to become a hot and sexy video vixen! Shes been giving the world more than enough to talk about especially when it came to the jaw-dropping MTV Awards performance, followed by the “Wrecking Ball” video, and most recently, she rolled up marijuana blunts and showed off her goodies in a photo shoot for Terry Richardson.

Twerking Miley has become very amusing and entertaining to some, while others beg to differ. One celebrity in particular would be Sineads O’Conner. After Miley told Rolling Stone that her latest video was “the most modern version” of Sinead’s iconic 90′s video “Nothing Compares To You”, Sinead came out of the BLUE and gave Miley a polite read about prostituting herself and allowing herself to be exploited by the music industry.

She said in an open letter : 51

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UR UGLY! Amanda Bynes DISSES Miley Cyrus on Twitter, Is She Jealous Over Her Fiance Liam Hemsworth?!!


Welp….it looks like Miley Cyrus joins Rihanna, Drake, Chrissy Teigen and Lance Bass in the Ugly Club

That’s right Amanda is calling everybody ugly on twitter….the 27 year old tweeted 20 year old Miley with just two words

“Ur UGLY “

and then retweeted two pictures of Miley sans makeup!

But we have a feeling it was over Liam Helmsworth….Just One week BEFORE Amanda’s mean girl tweet to Miley, she tweeted Liam Helmsworth is the most gorgeous man on the face of the earth other than Tanz Watson.

Amanda may still be holding onto feelings for him…as it was rumored se and Liam hooked up years ago.

Wat Do YOU guys think…. is Amanda only calling out Miley because she has a crush on Liam? Or is she just flat out mean?

Leave us your comments and check out more photos below… 51

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Amanda Bynes Bad Girl Behavior Could Result in Serious Trouble!!!!

amanda bynes nakedAmanda Bynes has been going through a lot lately as far as not talking to her parents to inappropriate sexual harassment towards the rapper Drake, to her posting half naked selfies on twitter.

But whats really the reason behind this Bad Girl behavior?

Dr. Adi Jaffe, Director of Research at Alternatives, were asked multiple questions concerning Miz Bynes’ behavior.

What are your thoughts on Amanda Bynes’ recent erratic behavior?

“I think Amanda’s recent behavior is the result of either typical adolescent boundary testing or the manifestation of some underlying trouble that has either been hidden from view or is just beginning to manifest.”

Is this behavior common in addicts? If so, what kind of treatment would you recommend? 51

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AMANDA BYNES ARRESTED!! Cops Find WEED in Her Apartment after She THROWS BONG Out Window From 36th Floor!!


YIKES!! Amanda Bynes Couldn’t Wear Her Wig in Mug Shot……

Seems like Amanda Bynes can’t go one weekend without being in the headlines for some crazy stunt she’s pulled…. If she isn’t tweeting sexual advances at rapper Drake, she’s taping herself on drugs making odd faces in the mirror and posting it on YouTube.

This weekend was no different, the childhood nickelodeon star got into MUCH BIGGER troubles on Thursday night when she was caught smoking marijuana in the LOBBY of her building and allegedly threw a bong out of her apartment in Manhattan from the 36TH FLOOR!!

Needless to say, Amanda was ARRESTED and charged with marijuana possession for smoking in the lobby and reckless endangerment for the bong toss!

Even with all of the evidence found at her apartment and witness statements, Amanda still found the courage to LIE LIE LIE…she not only says she drug free but that she’s NEVER smoked a bong in her life….go figure!!

Check out her statement on twitter below….you’ll get a good laugh! 51

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AMANDA BYNES Wants the D!! Begs Drake to ‘MURDER’ Her Va****


Nickelodeon stars gone WILD…..

Remember Amanda Bynes, you know the sweet and innocent little girl from Nickelodeon’s show ‘All that’? Well, she’s not so sweet and innocent anymore, she has been going on a twitter rant, professing her love  OBSESSION for rapper Drizzy Drake.

The girl is begging for Drake to give her the D! I She hasn’t been able to contain herself on twitter to say the least. What Amanda said in a tweet last night was … “I want Drake to murder my vagina.” Don’t believe us,

See the tweet below….. 51

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