Nicki Minaj New Song: PIlls N Potions (Pink Print Album) 2014



Nicki Minaj is officially back with her first single off the album titled ‘Pills and Potions’.

The rap diva is definitely vulnerable on this track… talking about a certain somebody that has done her wrong. Could she be talking about her ex-fiance Safaree?

When one of Nicki’s fan asked her what is the one thing she wanted people to take away from the track, she responded:

People change. But love is forever.

Check it out below!

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EX-Knicks PlayerLarry Hughes Arrested For Sexual Assault Case!!!


Dun Dun Dunnn.. ..

It looks like another sexual assault case has hit the fan!! According to NY Daily News, former New York Knicks star Larry Hughes is being questioned by NYPD as part of a sexual assault investigation at the Trump SoHo in NYC, and now Daily News reports Hughs is the suspect!

The report says Hughes met the alleged victim at Green house nightclub late Thursday evening and walked to the Trump SoHo together at 4am. 51

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WATCH: Natalac – Aint Nothin Like (A Pimp That’s Pimpin) Baby! – The Answers (Natalac Album)


 ”There is Only one Natalac so Google Me!”

That’s the title of Natalc’s new album and if the rapper looks or sounds familiar to you, you’ve probably seen him across your t.v. screen!

Natalac has been a pimp for a long time.. he “appeared” in the movie Stargate and Natalac’s “Pimp of the City” likeness was used as the pimp character “A Pimp Named Slickback” on the Adult Cartoon “The Boondocks”, voiced over by Katt Williams.  But that’s not all folks, he’s also starring in his own Feature Film this year, “Pimp of the City”.

Natalac’s been featured on mixtapes with notable artists like Kendrick Lamar, Young Jeezy, Mary J. Blige, Nelly, Lloyd Banks, Rich Kidd, Gunplay (rapper) Wiz Khalifa, and much more.

With street hits like “Staaacks (stacks of money) and “Money Girl” he’s capturing the ears of many who dream about the experiences he rhymes about.

His New release, ‘Ain’t Nothin Like A Pimp That’s Pimpin Baby is heating up the music scene throughout South Florida, S.C. and infiltrating the east and west coasts.

Check out pimp Natalac in action below and leave us your feedback!


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VIDEO: Knicks Iman Shumpert BREAKS Brooklyn Nets Paul Pierce’s Ankles

What a way to end off the Nba season.  Watch this move

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HOT NEW HIPHOP 2014: Dirty Harry ‘Cut From A Different Cloth’ (Video)


Dead or in jail a f**ked up ending… free and dead broke a fucked up feelin 

That’s just one of the memorable lines from Dirty Harry’s latest single, ‘Cut From A Different Cloth’.

The underground rapper hails form the streets of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida where he has received much success and become known as a breakout star out of the hood.

The Florida native garnered much success from his mix-tape entitled “THIS HOW IM COMING” in the summer of 2011, and since he’s been heating up the underground scene throughout South Florida and infiltrating the east and west coasts.

With street hits like “Im Focused“and “Keep it Street” he captured the ears of many who could relate to the hands on experiences he rhymes about.

Now, 3 years later the underground rapper is still on the path of bringing back real lyrics to Hip-hop music. His latest single, CFDC is setting up the stage for his up and coming street album which he plans to release this month, April 2014.

It’s a powerful song with big beats and lyrics that focus on hard truths of the hood. “Whats a dream if a ni**a Just dream therefore i had to get It,” he raps desperately on “Cut From  A Different Cloth.”

CFDC is grabbing the attention of several folks in the hip hop community and its time for you to find out why

LISTEN to Dirty Harry CFDC below….

Be sure to leave us your feedback!


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NEW PROOF!! Khloe Kardashian and French Montana are DATING!


On to the next rapper….

Khloe Kardashian and French Montana are very much together! Well… it definitely looks that way judging from the video below… The rumors FUELED this weekend when the couple was spotted together at Diddy’s surprise party for his son Christian…. but that didn’t stop the two from spending even more time together!

Before the party ended the couple flew to Arizona to hit up Pink Rhino in Phoenix, Az where French was a promoted guest. Sources close to the situation say the two were together


‘They have spent almost every day together in recent weeks,’ reported the US weekly.

On March 20 the musician was spotted outside the beauty’s Calabasas mansion. On March 25 she posted a photo of herself with Frenchy at The Emerson Theatre nightclub in Hollywood.

‘It’s still in the early stages,’ a source told Star. ‘But they’re having fun together.They have a strong connection.’

Khloe was last linked with rapper The Game, even though he is engaged to Tiffney Cambridge (who he has been accused of hitting, which he denied to TMZ).

Check out the video BELOW of them entering the club, with his arm wrapped her… hand in hand And tell us what you think, are the two SCREWING DATING? 51

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Meet Geena Rocero: A TRANSGENDER Woman From The Philippines!


Can you tell the woman photo’d above is a transgender woman?

After 13 years, Geena Rocero has finally revealed her birth gender secret…. she was once was a he!

The Philippines born model was born a male who later moved to San Francisco, California in 2001 at the age of 17 to pursue modeling.

After signing with Next model Management, Geena’s been modeling swimwear and beauty brands for over 12 years now.

Geena opened up about her experience ‘to help others live without shame and terror’.

None of her friends, neighbors and not even her modeling agent knew the truth about her gender, but in honor of International Transgender Day of Visibility, Geena shared her transgender secret.

Watch her below… 51

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