Watch Tony Parker’s INCREDIBLE buzzer-beater over Lebron in slow motion!

TOny Parker shot over Lebron NBA Finals Spurs Heat Basketball
Game 1 of the 2013 Nba finals went to the road team. That’s right! The well rested, rarely tested San Antonio Spurs defeated the Miami Heat in game 1 on Miami’s home floor! Lebron James shined as always with a triple double but made a critical turnover attempting to pass late in the 4th quarter. (Stop playing games and just shoot those shots Bron!) Your team doesn’t need the perfect player, they need a hero, and as you can see from the likes of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant heroes are not always perfect.

Mean while back at the game, Tony Parker hit an amazing shot first falling to the ground while still dribbling. He gets up and eludes Lebron James and gets the shot off with less than a tenth of a second on the shot clock.

Check the shot below…It definitely was a heart breaker for Heat fans. 51

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No Suspension after Dwyane Wade hits Lance Stephenson with a flying elbow

Dwyane Wade hits Lance Stephenson with a flying elbow

Dwyane Wade hits Lance Stephenson with a flying elbow

I’ve always enjoyed watching Dwyane Wade play.  His athleticism and strength is unbelievable for his size.  At 6’4 he plays like a 6’8 guard.   My favorite trait of D-Wade is his fearlessness.  The guy is never afraid of the spotlight and afraid of nobody on the court.  Many times i’ve seen Lebron James get punked by other Nba players and not even say a word back.  On the other hand when the same guys attempted to confront Dwyane Wade you’d get a jawing match, the DWade glare and the classic D-Wade line “You Soft”.

This season however Wade has taken his fearlessness to new levels.  Kicking players in the groin (ask Ramon Sessions) and even throwing flying elbows at players heads (Lance Stephenson).

These recent events have lead us to asking the following questions.

Is Dwyane Wade the dirtiest player in the NBA?

How many  games would Ron Artest have been suspended if he had elbowed Lance Stephenson rather than Wade?

Check out the video and leave your comments below 51

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[VIDEO] Lebron Gets Shot Blocked By 5’9 Nate Robinson!


Nate Robinson is a BEAST!

In one of the most shocking and gravity defying moments, 5’9 Nate Robinson blocked a drive attempt by 6’8 high flying locomotive Lebron James!  Words cant describe how amazing little Nate is for doing this, as it is so very rare to see anyone ever block Lebron’s shot!

Watch the replay over and over below… 51

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Kobe Bryant Wont Buy Home For Parents But Buys In-laws $3Million Home!!!!!!


In douche bag news of the day……

Kobe Bryant is in a LEGAL BATTLE with his own MOTHER over his basketball memorabillia.

According to TMZ reports:

Sources connected with the Bryant family tell TMZ … the dispute between mother and son erupted over real estate. We’re told Kobe offered to buy his parents a “nice house” in Vegas for significantly less than a million bucks, but they wanted something bigger and more extravagant and Kobe drew a line in the sand and refused to up the ante. 51

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Frustrated Kobe Goes on 3:30am Facebook Rant After Suffering Achilles Injury

kobe suffers torn achilles

I guess im not the only man who puts his wife to sleep (coughs) and then stays up into the wee hours of the morning.   Apparently Kobe Bryant does the same thing!    After suffering a ruptured achilles injury in last nights game vs the Warriors Kobe took to facebook to rant about his frustrating injury.  Here’s what he had to say  51

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Was Tonight Kobe’s Last NBA Game? Bryant Suffers Achilles Tear vs Warriors

kobe bryant injury

Saddest Day in Basketball-Kobe Bryant out 6-9 months after suffering Achilles tear vs Steph Curry and the Warriors 51

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VIDEO: Dodgers pitcher Zack Greinke breaks collar bone in brawl after hitting Padres Carlos Quentin with Ball

matt greinke gets attacked by carlos quentin

How much does throwing a baseball cost?  Well in Zack Greinke’s case they cost millions!  During yseterdays game between the LA Dodgers and San Diego Padres Greinke threw a pitch which hit Carlos Quentin in the shoulder and all HELL BROKE LOOSE!  Quentin charged the mound like he was Ray Lewis trying to sack a quarter back in the Super Bowl.  Both benches cleared, Matt Kemp ran from center field to break the fight up, and when it was all over Zack Greinke limped away with a broken left collar bone!

Carlos Quentin,  Zack Greinke

Things got so heated that Matt Kemp approached Carlos Quentin after the game to a fight but it was luckily broken up before any punches were thrown.  Do you think suspensions are in order? 51

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