Rumors Spread Emily B is Engaged To Fab?!!!!

Could It Be!?!

Rumors are spreading that Love and Hip Hop’s Emily B is engaged after 12 years of dating and having a beautiful 5-year old son by rapper Fab. Lately Emily has been throwing clues about her engagement as she flaunts a classy ring on her ring finger on instagram with one eye brow raised.

On a recent post she wrote:

Change is necessary when we want to pursue a new direction in life. Change gives us hope for the future. Embracing change is not easy. It takes a new outlook on life, determination and perseverance. The change we expect may not happen immediately because real progress is slow. In time, if we change our mindset and actions we will make a significant difference in people’s lives. 51

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LOVE and HIP HOP NEW YORK’ STARS Go On STRIKE!! (Contract Disputes)


My Paycheck is bigger than YOURS…..

VH1′s “Love and Hip Hop, New York” cast members are in revolt! The ratchet reality stars of the show are refusing to go to work because Mona Scott is screwing them over they haven’t negotiated contracts for the new season….in other words they want MORE MONEY!!

Sources close to the show tell us, half of the cast members showed up Tuesday in NYC to film a trailer for the upcoming season, and the other half stayed home in protest because negotiations for their new contracts were not met.

Once the cast members who showed up found out about the protest they too believed that they too deserved more money (revised contracts) … and left the scene.

We’re told most of the cast members are on strike for 2 reasons: 51

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