Janelle Monae Gets Sexy in “PrimeTime” Video Ft. Miguel!

janelle monae

We have never seen this side before..

Janelle Monae can pull off rocking menswear like no other but she changes things up on us in her new video “PrimeTime” featuring the talented artist Miguel. In the video Janelle shows a side of her we never seen before as she sports a form-fitted dress in stiletto heels and works a shift at a strip club. Miguel playing a regular that usually comes to the club has no interest in the dancers on stage, he has his eye on Janelle aka Cindi Mayweather , and he goes for it!

Check out how this love story as it unfolds, the chemistry between them is amazing!

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Miguel Fan Claims BRAIN DAMAGE from his Billboard Music Awards LEG DROP!


BUT…BUT,  It was an ACCIDENT…….

That’s what Miguel told Khyati Shah when he pounded her head with a vicious LEG DROP after leaping across the stage during his performance at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards. After the incident, Miguel tried to do damage control by taking her backstage apologizing to her and putting her on camera with him during an interview…The BMA’s went even as far as giving her an ice pack….but apparently that wasn’t good enough, because Khyati’s lawyer is claiming she may have suffered BRAIN DAMAGE!!!

*sighs* We predicted this was coming…….in today’s day and age if you’re rich…you’re not going to LEG DROP an innocent bystander in the head and get away with it…ACCIDENTS COST!

Vip Bhola, Shah’s lawyer, says,

“Some of the difficulties she’s experiencing are 51

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OUCH!! Miguel FALLS ON STAGE And Lands On FANS HEAD During Billboard Awards 2013 Performance!



Miguel’s Billboard Awards 2013 performance was very entertaining to say the least…. 

Last night, Miguel tore it up on the stage at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards performing his biggest hit to date, “Adorn”.

All was fine and dandy until he got an adrenaline rush OUT OF THIS WORLD that made him decide to do a HURDLE over the audience to reach the second stage to end his set. However, his landing didn’t end to smoothly, he ended up landing on top of a girls HEAD as well as ELBOWING another! It was a sight to see….as you can kinda figure out judging from the photos above!

And if you have a sense of humor, you will be crackin’ up laughing your hardest….the reaction of the people around the girls who were hit is what makes it sooooo funny!!

After the show, he was able to meet one of the girls backstage that he karate chopped to avoid any lawsuits and she seemed to be in good spirits.

He also tweeted:

Got caught up in the moment, thank goodness Khyati is okay

Check out the hilarious footage below:

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