RATCHET!! Adrienne Bailon REVEALS She Has a Rob Kardashian Butt Tattoo!!


“Love will make you do crazy things”…….

DANG!! Rob Kardashian was fit back then….take heed that’s what a love lost will do to you, if you let it! But lets get back on track here because 29 year-old Adrienne Bailon has a lesson for all you young-in’s out there who want to tat your hot boyfriend or girlfriend that you have for the moment.. so listen up!

On this week’s show of ‘The Real‘ the ladies discussed bad tattoos and to everyone’s surprise Adrienne had one of her own…..and its really really BAD, BAD to the BONE!

She revealed that she has one of the most “ratchet-est booty tattoo’s” …. she got her ex-boyfriend’s name (Rob A Kardashian) tatted on her butt… THAT’S 14 LETTERS TOTAL!!

“Ten letter last name. Kardashian. It’s pretty bad, yeah,” says Adrienne. “Now that is a ratchet tattoo. I made a very bad decision. Don’t follow my example.”


Bailon says she’s currently in the process of laser tattoo removal, but says she hates going in for treatments.

“It does not feel good. You could smell your flesh burning. It’s my ass flesh burning,” she says.

That story is definitely good lesson for anyone wanting to get their significant other’s name inked on them for life: simply DON’t DO IT!!

Check out the video below to find out how it was even possible for the tattoo artist to fit such a large name on her butt.

At least she’s not alone. Rob has her name inked to his skin as well, on his rib cage! lol But we have to ask…. Which one is worse? Rib cage or the butt tattoo…. leave your comments below! 51

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