DIVA! Mariah Carey Sings LIVE for Sandy Relief Concert with BROKEN ARM In SLING (VIDEO)


Mariah Carey got the arm sling game on lock…..

If you ever second guessed Mariah’s DIVA-ness…… think again! She’s more than a diva….. she’s a trouper…. Despite a chipped shoulder injury resulting from a hard fall at the video shoot for ‘Beautiful’ with Young Jeezy she still performed in Central Park as part of the MLB Sandy Relief concert.

The concert helped raise money for the victims of last year’s Hurricane Sandy…. and Mariah didn’t let a broke arm rain on her parade! She hit the stage to perform uplifting tracks like, “Hero” and “Beautiful,” “Looking In” while getting a little emotional.

Mariah wore arm slings that were bejeweled and feathered up…..and of course they coordinated with her dresses!

Check Mariah Carey performing and more photos below….. 51

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WATCH: Mariah Carey Dress BUSTS OPEN On Stage And She CURSES On LIVE T.V.!!


Mariah Carey is bustin loose…..

The Pop diva appeared on “Good Morning America” on Friday to sing, but before she could belt out a note, her boobies almost made an impromptu display of their own! Was Mariah Carey’s dress a size too small, or what?! Apparently it was, because the wardrobe department ran out on stage to sew her back into her dress!!

Mimi’s sequined pink gown was VERY CUTE we must admit, but it was quite EMBARRASSING to see the back of her dress burst open, leaving her twins out in the open without any support….. and we’re not talkin bout Moroccan and Monore!

Mariah is a diva so she pulled it off!

Check out Mariah’s wardrobe malfunction in the video below: 51

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