Diddy Launches Revolt TV and Gets Emotional Talking About His Deceased Father!


Whats’ Success if you don’t have your loved ones to share it with..

Diddy got a little emotional this week as he made history launching his new REVOLT TV network. At the crack of dawn in New York at 5:47am on launch day, the Revolt team caught Diddy in a vulnerable moment as he talked about his father who was murdered when he was just 3 years old.

My father was killed when I was three years old. I don’t have a lot of memories of my father. They say you can’t miss something you never had. That’s only a little ways right. There’s definitely been times as I’ve gotten older that I’ve missed my father and his presence not being there to have someone to ask manly advice and just things that you would ask your father. Also things that you would celebrate with him that would make him proud. My father was a hustler. He was a drug dealer. He was a hustler. So I learned early in life there’s only two ways out of that, dead or in jail. It made me work even harder. 51

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Rihanna Flaunts Her Body Off in Greece!!


If You Got It. Flaunt It!

Rihanna has been giving her NAVY fans some eye candy to look at over the past week via instagram as she posted exclusive photos from her global journey. There were photos with lions, tigers and bears in Africa, and a few glorious shots from a stop in Israel, but her trip to Greece may have been the most phenomenal of all. Work It Hunnyy! Take a look!


Rihanna-hot-bikini-pics 51

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Hall Pass?!!? Keyshia Cole and Booby Johnson Leave Wedding Rings at Home!!

2012 Essence Music Festival - Day 1

Together or separated!

Booby Gibson decided to rumors up about him having marriage issues with his beloved wife Keyshia Cole and sent her off to Paradise for he 32nd birthday!! With rumors stirring up that the couples relationship were going downhill, the two were spotted this past Saturday popping bottles at Supper club in Hollywood, and they weren’t wearing wedding rings either. (Hmmmmmm Hall Pass??)

Furthermore, Keyshia took to instagram to post that Booby did not only buy her a 10-day vacation in the Bahamas, but he also was sweet enough to pay for her favorite food truck to come out and make her tacos, personally. ( How ………romantic?!) 51

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Robin Thick on “Oprah’s Next Chapter” Talks About Twerking Miley! “Im the Twerkee, I’m Twerked Upon”


On an upcoming clip from his upcoming episode of Own’s Next Chapter, Robin Thicke will be giving us insight about his personal life, his marriage with actress Paula Patton, and his talk of the town performance with Miley Cyrus. In a clip, Oprah brings us the twerking incident and Robin responded :

Robin: This is funny to me, it’s silly.

Oprah: You don’t think of it as sexual?

Robin: Well, I was onstage, [so] I didn’t see it. So to me, I’m walking out toward Miley, I’m not thinking sex, I’m thinking fun. 51

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Find Out Which Forbes List Celeb Cassie Caters To!!!



Just So You Know Its Real!

Social networks have become a place where you prove the love you have for your partner by posting romantic love photos of each other. And as of last night, Cassie has confirmed her relationship with Diddy by pampering him with a foot massage in bed. Diddy instagramed the photo with the caption:

“@casandrae was talkin shit on IG earlier! But now dis is later . My Baby and she gives mean foot massage . Lol” 51

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Janelle Monae Gets Sexy in “PrimeTime” Video Ft. Miguel!

janelle monae

We have never seen this side before..

Janelle Monae can pull off rocking menswear like no other but she changes things up on us in her new video “PrimeTime” featuring the talented artist Miguel. In the video Janelle shows a side of her we never seen before as she sports a form-fitted dress in stiletto heels and works a shift at a strip club. Miguel playing a regular that usually comes to the club has no interest in the dancers on stage, he has his eye on Janelle aka Cindi Mayweather , and he goes for it!

Check out how this love story as it unfolds, the chemistry between them is amazing!

Video Below 51

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Sevny Streeter Behind the Scenes Video Ft Dorell Wright and Chris Brown!!


Choosing Season Is Almost Here!

Cuddling season is coming up but in Sevyn Streeter’s behind the scene video for her single “It Wont Stop” ft Chris Brown, shes bringing up some romantic summer love. The collab was dropped back in May and in June Sevyn gave us an acoustic version of the track, and soon will be dropping the official video.

Sevyn also had NBA Trailblazer player Dorell Wright star as her main boo thang as they took long romantic walks on the beach, watched the sun set, and even had late night bomb fires. 51

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