Rihanna’s Hairstylest Speaks Out About Mockery Video Of Teyana Taylor!!!

This Video Was JOKES!!

If you deactivated your twitter I suggest you get another one with all these feuds going on! If you haven’t heard, earlier this week Rihanna posted a video on instagram of her hair stylist Yusef. He was dressed in a curly wig, a snap back, and some jordans singing the same song Teyana Taylor had song and posted on the gram just a few weeks prior.

Tey Tey felt like the video was just too disrespectful to not respond to it so the two bickered about it back and forth on twitter. Yusef was quiet until two days latere into the feud. He spoke up with his side of the story saying that he and Rihanna didn’t mean any ill will against Teyana Taylor. He had just finished making the wig (that he was wearing in the video) and they made the video in good clean fun. He spoke: 51

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Karrueche Tran Covers Bombshell By Bleu!!


Karrueche Tran has been taking some hits from the press lately after running back to Chris Brown every chance she gets! But she doesn’t let that stop her hustle.

This month she’s covering the second issue of Bleu Magazine’s beauty and lifestyle insert, Bombshell, where she talks about how men attempt to get her attention. She also reveals her alter ego and how she was able to venture off into modeling.

Check out the highlights below 51

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Chris Brown Under Attack For Jay-z Comment-Wendy Williams Calls Him Women Beater!!


Watch Your Mouth Wendy Before You Get “Chris Brown’d”!

Is it me or is Wendy begging to get on Chris Brown’s badd side! Just today, Wendy Williams went hard on Chris as he made statements on how he felt about Jay-z in a recent interview with Jet Magazine. Chris told Jet’s Datwon Thomas that the only reason why he’s having a hard time with the media is because of racism. He also mentioned that there were only a selective few who were approved by White America, using Jay-z as an example.  His exact words to Datwon were: 51

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Chris Brown And Karrueche Tran Get Into FENDER BENDER In Los Angeles

EXCLUSIVE - Chris Brown Gets In Another Car Accident!

Driving in L.A. ain’t easy especially when you have thoughts of your ex in a pair of denim thong shorts…..

Chris Brown was involved in a little car accident today with ex-girlfriend or rebound girlfriend or whateva you wanna call her, Karrueche Tran today.

Breezy allegedly hit a Mercedes Benz with his Range Rover while driving in Los Angeles thinking about Rihanna in those damn shorts near Toluca Lake.

Chris Brown was driving with Karrueche riding shotgun on his way to the recording studio when the accident occurred. Immediately after the incident, Karrueche put herself 51

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