The BREAKUP!! Selena Gomez Calls Justin Bieber a ‘DRUG ADDICT’ and Bieber calls Her ‘talentless p****y who’s only famous cuz of me’!


Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez relationship has come to a halt for 2014……

The duo had a heated exchange over text message that ultimately ended in a breakup to say the least. It all started after Police raided Bieber’s home and found a slew of drugs.

Selena was so upset that she told Bieber he needed to ‘grow up’ and called him a ‘drug addict’ who should be ashamed for letting his bff (lil Za) take the fall for it. You won’t believe all the things Bieber said to Selena next.

See the heated exchange via text messages below….. 51

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Miley Cyrus Puff Puff Passes To Bieber!!


Once a good girl goes bad ..shes gone foreva!

Miley Cyrus has hired Mary Jane for comfort and Justin Bieber to be her therapist through this hard time of break up with ex fiance Liam Hemsworth. Miley sported a tank top with Bieber’s face on the front of it along with marijuana leaves surrounding his head and a lit joint on Monday in NYC! Who would of known the two were smoking buddies! Nothing she does should surprise us anymore.

Even though these two are not being great role models, Drugs are not cool, stay in school!

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Justin Bieber Works On His Sexy For Adidas Neo Fall Ads!!!!

Justin Bieber Adidas NEO HQ photoshoot justinbieberzone_com 9
Bieber Fever!!

Justin Bieber’s ads for Adidas Neo’s F/W 2013 collection
Wearing a white tee and denim button-down from the line, Bieby jots down his innermost thoughts in a notebook, strums his guitar, and poses with his drumsticks, all while giving his sexy but sad puppy look that I’m sure all the Bieber fans will enjoy.

Catch the Bieber Fever below 51

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CAUGHT! JUSTIN BIEBER Only 19 DRINKING A BEER At a Party with Selena Gomez!!


He is not even 21 years-old yet, but that doesn’t appear to be stopping Justin Bieber from drinking!

The 19-year-old pop tart was spotted with a brewsky at a 4th of July party in the Hollywood Hills, while cuddling with his on-and-off again girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Maybe that would explain why Justin is going around spitting in peoples faces ….. allegedly!

Bottom line…. kids don’t drink! It will only lead to social problems…. legal problems…  AND slow down the natural growth of your bodies….. need I say make you act a fool in public.

Don’t believe me, check out the long laundry list of underage drinking here.

Be Sober! 


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What’s WRONG with JUSTIN BIEBER In His FIRST Instagram VIDEO?!


NEWS FLASH: Justin Bieber posted his FIRST Instagram video today…..

But their’s only ONE problem….we can’t understand what the boy is saying for him laughing throughout the whole video!!

Bieber posted the video today (Thursday, June 20th) while in Miami Fla…..And there’s one thing wer’e sure fans will appreciate…. he delivered the silly message SHIRTLESS!!

“So crazy news guys. There is video on Instagram,”

the 19-year-old singer blurted out in the 15 second video….that has us saying Bieber was High and floating above Cloud 9…and that’s pretty HIGH!!

Check out the crazy video Biebs posted earlier today below….. 51

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Justin Bieber was caught partying it up with Miley Cyrus at a hotspot in Cali last weekend…..

The young couple was spotted chillin’ at a popular celebrity hangout, The Beacher’s Madhouse at the Roosevelt Hotel in L.A. early Sunday morning and left TOGETHER around 2 a.m….but that’s not all….we found MORE EVIDENCE that the two have been spending time together! BEFORE Sunday Bieber’s Audi was spotted leaving Miley’s L.A. home on Saturday….and there’s no mistaking it, because it has leopard print all over it! lol

Justin and Miley have been friends for years..but all that twerking Miley has been doing got Bieber on the prowl…..

We don’t know what to think of this…..based on the fact that Miley is still engaged with Liam Hemsworth and Bieber is still very in love with Selena. (well at least we hope)

We’ll keep you posted on any more late night rendezvous between Bieber and Miley!

In the meantime…check out the video of Bieber leaving Miley’s house below… 51

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Tyler The Creator Takes the BLAME for Justin Bieber’s Ferrari Speeding Chase in Calabasas Neighborhood!


You got a friend in me……

Justin Bieber and his friends are driving the neighbors in his exclusive Calabasas community NUTS!! Besides Justin’s crazy partying life style his astronomical driving speeds throughout the neighborhood have them so PISSED OFF that they are ready to strike against their HOA.

But Tyler the Creator has now come to Bieber’s defense, claiming it wasn’t Bieber driving like a maniac through Calabasas it was him.

Tyler tweeted his confession this weekend … writing, “That Was Me Behind The Wheel Of Justins Vehicle.”

He added, “Don’t Blame Him. People Are Actually Evil Swearing Up And Down That It Was Who It Wasnt.”

Bieber tweeted a response — “All good buddy. i deal with this everyday. thanks though. the baby aint mine either.”

Although Tyler came forth to confess, it’s contradictory because ex-NFL star Keyshawn Johnson told 51

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