Settlement! KOBE BRYANT ENDS LEGAL BATTLE with MOM & DAD over Basketball Memorabilia


kobe and parents

Kobe Bryant has ended the legal war with his mother in a settlement…..

If you hadn’t heard about Kobe and his shenanigans… Kobe sued his own mother for trying to auction off jerseys, rings, trophies and other sports memorabilia items that he left in her home for MANY YEARS. Pamela Bryant (Kobe’s mother) claimed her son gave her the stuff, but Kobe claimed she was LYING and she was just pissed off because he wouldn’t buy her an expensive house in Vegas.

Now Kobe and his parents have reached a settlement…. Kobe’s mom and dad agreed to issue a 51

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Watch Tony Parker’s INCREDIBLE buzzer-beater over Lebron in slow motion!

TOny Parker shot over Lebron NBA Finals Spurs Heat Basketball
Game 1 of the 2013 Nba finals went to the road team. That’s right! The well rested, rarely tested San Antonio Spurs defeated the Miami Heat in game 1 on Miami’s home floor! Lebron James shined as always with a triple double but made a critical turnover attempting to pass late in the 4th quarter. (Stop playing games and just shoot those shots Bron!) Your team doesn’t need the perfect player, they need a hero, and as you can see from the likes of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant heroes are not always perfect.

Mean while back at the game, Tony Parker hit an amazing shot first falling to the ground while still dribbling. He gets up and eludes Lebron James and gets the shot off with less than a tenth of a second on the shot clock.

Check the shot below…It definitely was a heart breaker for Heat fans. 51

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No Suspension after Dwyane Wade hits Lance Stephenson with a flying elbow

Dwyane Wade hits Lance Stephenson with a flying elbow

Dwyane Wade hits Lance Stephenson with a flying elbow

I’ve always enjoyed watching Dwyane Wade play.  His athleticism and strength is unbelievable for his size.  At 6’4 he plays like a 6’8 guard.   My favorite trait of D-Wade is his fearlessness.  The guy is never afraid of the spotlight and afraid of nobody on the court.  Many times i’ve seen Lebron James get punked by other Nba players and not even say a word back.  On the other hand when the same guys attempted to confront Dwyane Wade you’d get a jawing match, the DWade glare and the classic D-Wade line “You Soft”.

This season however Wade has taken his fearlessness to new levels.  Kicking players in the groin (ask Ramon Sessions) and even throwing flying elbows at players heads (Lance Stephenson).

These recent events have lead us to asking the following questions.

Is Dwyane Wade the dirtiest player in the NBA?

How many  games would Ron Artest have been suspended if he had elbowed Lance Stephenson rather than Wade?

Check out the video and leave your comments below 51

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Ray Rice Home Broken Into!!! Thief Walks Out With Guns and Cash!!!!


NFL star Ray Rice was struck by a burglar this weekend, with the thief leaving with 2 guns and $2,000 in cash according to police.

Authorities say Rice wasn’t home at the time of the burglary, but a friend was staying at Ray’s home in MAryland and reported the incident to police. The cops say there is a surveillance video of the thief entering through a rear window and ransacking the home.

Rice spoke out today saying:

“My family and I are fine, which is the most important thing. This is an unfortunate incident that I am dealing with through the proper channels.”

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Oklahoma’s Hero: Kevin Durant Donates $1Million to Red Cross Oklahoma Tornado Relief!!!

kevin-durant-tornado-elite-daily-800x400 (1)

Kevin Durant turns out to be Oklahoma’s Hero!

There was a devastating tornado that took place in the city of Moore on Monday, leaving atleast 51 dead. Thanks to the NBA all star Kevin Durant, he has donated $1 Million dollars to the Red Cross Hurricane relief efforts.

KD has taken twitter to support victims of the tragedy urging his followers to give what they can, saying

“Text “REDCROSS” to 90999 for $10 donation to help tornado victims in #OKC #okwx”

With Red Cross thanking him they tweeted back:

“@KDTrey5 steps forward and gives $1mil matching gift to the ARC for disaster relief, text “REDCROSS” to 90999 for a $10 donation.
9:13 AM – 21 May 2013″

The Oklahoma City Thunder are known to have some loyal fans and it only makes sense that their shooting guard would give back to his community in any way he could!
Great job KD!

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Make-A-Wish Foundation Grants Dying 14-Year-Old Boy’s Wish to Have Sex With Jerry Sandusky

Sandusky calls prison “Way better than I expected.”


FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP, PA—When 14 year-old Joey Patrick found out earlier this year that the cancer he had struggled with for the last two years was no longer in remission, he told his parents that his last wish was to experience what so many healthy boys his age were able to enjoy without the looming specter of death clouding their every movement. He wanted to have sex with Jerry Sandusky.

“I knew he was curious about sex, and I was heartbroken at the thought that he might not live long enough to experience the beauty of his first sexual encounter,” says Donna Patrick, Joey’s mother, “I will admit that I was a little surprised when he told me he wanted his first time to be with Jerry Sandusky, but how could I say no to my child?”

Unsure who to turn to for help in fulfilling her child’s dying request, Ms. Patrick called Father Adam Ryan, the priest at her local parish, who was able to put her in touch with the people at the Make-A-Wish foundation.

“Father Ryan was so helpful,” Patrick says, “He even gave me a list of names of men who would be happy to step in if Jerry Sandusky was unable to help us.”

Sandusky’s participation was never in doubt, Ms. Patrick soon discovered. When she contacted Warren Krompf, chief talent officer at Make-A-Wish, she was informed that hers was a common request.

“Coach Sandusky has become one of our most popular celebrities for the kids,” Krompf says, “The attention he gives makes them feel so special.”

The day after she spoke with Krompf, Ms. Patrick was driving Joey to Greene State Prison, where Sandusky is currently serving a life sentence for child rape, for his 51

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Chris Bosh Breaks the News!! New Baby on the Way!!!


Another baby yaaay!

Miami Heat star Chris Bosh and his wife Adrienne took no time off from making baby #2!
Going down as one of the most adorable pregnancy announcements Ever, the couple used their 1 year-old son Jackson and 4 year-old daughter Trinity to tell the world the great news!

In Pictures posted on instagram, the little cuties held up chalkboard signs that told everyone about the baby Bosh to come. Check out some flicks below: 51

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