Rihanna’s Hairstylest Speaks Out About Mockery Video Of Teyana Taylor!!!

This Video Was JOKES!!

If you deactivated your twitter I suggest you get another one with all these feuds going on! If you haven’t heard, earlier this week Rihanna posted a video on instagram of her hair stylist Yusef. He was dressed in a curly wig, a snap back, and some jordans singing the same song Teyana Taylor had song and posted on the gram just a few weeks prior.

Tey Tey felt like the video was just too disrespectful to not respond to it so the two bickered about it back and forth on twitter. Yusef was quiet until two days latere into the feud. He spoke up with his side of the story saying that he and Rihanna didn’t mean any ill will against Teyana Taylor. He had just finished making the wig (that he was wearing in the video) and they made the video in good clean fun. He spoke:

“Teyana killed that song.[...]Honestly, I just finished making the wig. I started making the video. It was amazing, no malicious intent towards Teyana. I just think it was uncalled for.”

“It turned into this big drama, but I guess it was all good at the end of the day to help with her new album. A little publicity doesn’t hurt good or bad these days.”

Yusef also said Rihanna’s way too busy to care:

“She [Rihanna] could care less. It was funny. That’s what’s so funny. It wasn’t like that. She doesn’t care, that’s her personality.”

On Rihanna not being a cyber bully
“Cyber bully is harsh word. She is focused, being Rihanna. She is not sitting around. She didn’t grab her phone. She is the most kind and giving person. I just think for that to go the way it went, it was uncalled for.”

Unfortunately, Yusef spoke up a little too late.

During the Twitter showdown between Rihanna and Teyana Taylor, Teyana posted a photo of herself with boxing gloves on and Rihanna’s battered face from the Chris Brown incident, which set off many domestic advocates. Eventually, a petition was launched to have Teyana dropped from her Adidas endorsement deal for mocking abuse and the online petition gathered over 1,800 signatures.

This is not about RIHANNA, this is about all the ABUSED WOMEN of the world being MOCKED! IT IS A SHAME that ADIDAS seems to be endorsing @TEYANATAYLOR!

This is not about RIHANNA, this is about all the ABUSED WOMEN of the world being MOCKED! IT IS A SHAME that ADIDAS seems to be endorsing @TEYANATAYLOR!

We demand that you do the right thing and terminate her contract and send a strong message to your consumers! Letting one of your sponsors mock a domestic violence victim discourages your female customers from speaking out against their abusers!!!

Another petition was also launched against Rihanna, calling for MAC Cosmetics to drop her from her endorsement deal for being a cyber bully.

She is known for constantly bullying and picking fights with people over the internet and this is a problem that has been going on for a while now. By consistently attacking people online about their looks and reminding them how they are beneath her, she is using her platform in a very negative light and does not provide a positive image for MAC cosmetics or any of the other companies that she endorses. [...] There have been many death threats from people that are a part of her social media gang that she refers to as “The Rihanna Navy”. At a simple request from her, they will pounce on anyone that Rihanna wants to bring her wrath down upon. She is definitely a cyber-bully as evidenced by her Twitter attacks on Ciara, Karruche Tran and Teyana Taylor, just to name a few. These attacks can do harm to a person’s self-esteem and can lead to things such as depression and suicide which happens to be an ongoing epidemic in our country amongst teenagers, especially young girls. As someone who knows a person who took their life due to bullying, this not only destroys the life of the person who killed themselves, it also changes the lives of the family of the person doing the bullying. Continuously creating a negative cycle that will repeat itself. The effects of cyber-bullying will stunt the growth of our beautiful nation by weakening the psyche of the women of tomorrow who will lead us into the next century. Is this someone who you want representing your brand?

Wow see what all this has come to. I’m sure RiRi has a sense of humor just like every one else and she didin’t mean any harm by the video. Do you think MAC Cosmetics will drop her?

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