Jimmy Kimmel Takes Twitter Beef With Kanye To TV- “Ive Seen The Tape”!!!!

jimmy k1

If you missed the twitter beef with Jimmy Kimmel and Kanye then let me update you! Just last night Kanye went HAM on Jimmy blasting him for being a “manipulative media mutha-f****r.” He also lashed out saying,”JIMMY KIMMEL IS OUT OF LINE TO TRY AND SPOOF IN ANY WAY THE FIRST PIECE OF HONEST MEDIA IN YEARS.” Yeezy was obviously upset about the late night talk show host calling his sit-down with Zane Lowe “weird” and used the two kids to make a parody of Ye’s interview.

During the show last night Jimmy decided to inform the audience about the twitter beef and took time during his show to respond to Kanye’s insults with such comical replies. He told his audience:

He told me I had two choices: apologize publicly…and that was really the only choice! The other choice he gave was that my life—’Your life,’ he said, ‘is going to be much better if you apologize.’

Kimmel then began reading Kanye’s tweets aloud to the crowd as he responded, but crossed the line when he read Kanye’s “Pu*sy” tweet. It read,”JIMMY KIMMEL PUT YOURSELF IN MY SHOES…OH NO THAT MEANS YOU WOULD HAVE GOTTEN TOO MUCH P***Y IN YOUR LIFE…”, and Jimmy Kimmel responded:

“I’ve seen the sex tape, I know!” (Referring to Kim Kardashian’s most talked about sex tape.)

Jimmy also ended his commentary by claiming that Kanye told him that he is the most powerful voice in media.

jimmy kimmel2
And he told me this on the phone, I swear, he said, ‘I am the most powerful voice in media. I am ‘Pac!’ He said ‘I am ‘Pac’ a few times to me. He said, ‘You’ll never be able to show your face at a 14-year-old’s high school football game and be cool again.’ He really is ‘Pac. That’s right ouf of the Tupac playbook, isn’t it?… I don’t understand it, I don’t know why he’s angry again. I thought the bit was pretty innocuous.

Finally I’m in a rap feud.

LOLz! Low Blow but good timing with that come-back Jimmy!

Watch the footage below:

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