George Zimmerman Off the Hook Once AGAIN!!


He Gets By AGAIN…

We all thought George Zimmerman would be going down this time when authorities visited the residence of George and his estranged wife Shellie, after she called 911 on him. Sources tell us that George threatened his wife and his father-in-law with a gun! Police only took Zimmerman in investigative custody until they got to the bottom of a potential domestic dispute.

According to police Zimmerman will not be charged with any crimes as of now. Thanks to a destroyed ipad-one that may have contained evidence. The police say they don’t have cause to charge George in connection with the alleged altercation. At least not until the data from the ipad can be recovered.

Lake Mary Police Public Information Officer Zach Hudson revealed:

“As it stands right now there will not be any charges anytime soon without that iPad, and that could be weeks, months away… At this point we’re doing everything humanly possible and investing as much as physically possible in order to get that video. And sooner or later we hope to have something, but at this point there’s definitely no guarantee… The only reason why you’re seeing this much attention is obviously who that person is, but the truth is if you yourself had a domestic [dispute] in your home, tonight we would be doing the exact same thing to get that information because that’s critical to the citizens of this city.”

Weeks or maybe even months away! With Trayvo9n Martin’s case you had all evidence pointing to Zimmerman being guilty and that didn’t Help! Looks like he’s already slithered his way out

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