Rising Star: JD The Junior


Name of Artist/Band and where are you from?

My Name is JD The Junior. I’m an upcoming Hip-Hop/Rap Artist from the Maryland and Washington D.C Area. I was born in Capitol Heights, Maryland before moving to PG County, Maryland, which is where I currently reside.

How did you break into the music industry?

I would say that I “broke” into the music industry with a lot of perseverance and my “heavy hustle”. Which is one of the first few songs that caught people’s attention about my work. I love music that much and I’m determined for some good to come out of all of the hard work that I’ve put into this.

Choose one adjective to describe your music style?

Compelling is the first word that comes to mind, in regards to my music style.

Do you write your own songs? If so, what are your songs about and where do you draw your inspiration?

Yes, I write all of my own verses and songs. I’m influenced by and try to produce a wide variety of music. I try to appease all audiences instead of one group of people but still stay in the terms and regards of good Hip-Hop/Rap & a little R&B music. My inspiration I would say would come from my own thoughts and taste of music as well as all of the different music, artists and songs I listen to today.

What project are you currently promoting and is it available for purchase?

The project I’m currently promoting right now is currently my biggest one; my mix tape and album DMV (Dreams, Motivation, Victory). The mix tape version is available on LiveMixtapes.com, which consist of 17 tracks. The shorten album version is available on sites such as iTunes, Amazon and More. Again, this is my biggest release yet but I do plan to have more music and other things going and coming out from me in the near future.

Are you looking for an independent label deal or a major label deal?

I’m leaning towards more of a major label deal, but I would be content with either one just as long as I feel like it’s the best place and fit for me. Alongside, that it’s a place where I can learn and expand but also bring something to the table as well that benefits the company and me.

How would you define the word “success”?

Accomplishing every thing you ever wanted to or dreamed of, especially if someone tells you that you can’t do it. Nothing is impossible.

What is your biggest career embarrassment?

So far, other than the first music project I ever put out in life; I would say my biggest career embarrassments was performing at a showcase in Atlanta. It wasn’t my best performance and I did not exactly bringing the house down. Also, just learning from my past mistakes in this business through the trail and error method.

Most memorable moment in creating one of your records?

I do a lot of my music recording at Listen Visions Studios in Washington D.C. when I’m in the area. As I began to come in more and lay down tracks, some of the artists and the people who work there really took a liking into my music. Weather if it was my lyrics, my flow or just my overall presence and outlook on music. They began to ask questions or give their comparisons of whom I may sound like or should work with. J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Wale, T.I, and even Cassidy were some of the names brought up in these discussions.

Who has been the most influential person in your music career? 

Outside of an established artist, I would say the most influential person is me; alongside everybody who ever gave me advice as I been on this road of making music and getting it out here.

Who is your celeb look-alike?

The one that I’ve heard the most is Soulja Boy. I don’t believe that.

what was your first job?

I worked with my parents from time to time on their food trailer selling food to the community at local events as a little side hustle. Other than that, I never had a job a day in my life. I’ve been seeking employment since I was 13. Right now, music and school are my occupations.

What is your worst Fear?

My worse fear is failure, that’s why I try so hard to avoid it.

What is your guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure is my girl in sexy work clothes or a nice dress.

What artists would you love to work with?

I would love to work with Wale, J Cole, T.I, Fuze The MC, Kendrick Lamar, MGK and a couple more artists that I could name. Like I said, I like a variety of music and like to produce it as well.

Any advice or lessons learned in the music industry that you would like to share with other indie artists?

You have to watch out sometimes whom you invest your money, energy and time into. Also, don’t let anybody tell you can’t do something or try to change you into something that you’re not to please EVERYBODY or somebody else.

What is the number one thing you hope people get out of your music?

I hope not only do they take a liking into my music that I work so hard on and produce, but they also understand me as well as a man and as an artist.

Where can people get in touch with you?

You can follow me on twitter @_JDTheJunior_. You can follow @JetMajorEnt as well. You can find my music on many different sites, you can go on google or youtube “JD The Junior”; you can find me on Reverbnation as well.

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