RISING STAR: Jay “The Healer” Purnell

Name of Artist/Band and where are you from? I go by Jay Purnell, also call myself The Healer so Jay “The Healer” Purnell. I currently live In Wilmington DE, home of Joe Biden.

How did you break into the music industry? Well, with more interviews im sure to “Break in” as for now im 1 out of 1 million trying to make it lol. I started at 13 years old and been off and on for 13 years( Wow getting old)

Choose one adjective to describe your music style? Inspiring

Do you write your own songs? If so, what are your songs about and where do
you draw your inspiration? Of course i write my own music. My songs ALWAYS contain some type of message i dont just blabber off. My inspiration in music comes from reality and Expierience So im always going to have something to say.

What project are you currently promoting and is it available for purchase? The Storm and its available at www.jaypurnell.com and its FREE to my listeners for Download, Click the download button and enjoy the project

Are you looking for an independent label deal or a major label deal? My goal is Major label, however the game has changed so much. The challenge of the mainstream is most music that sells MAKE NO SENSE. If im not; Tight jean wearing, Mohawk sporting, or Pistol whipping the homies on “the Block” I become the Krs one or the Common That have excellent Lyrical ability but cant sell.

How do you define success? Setting goals and achieving them. You can make 300,000 a year or 30,000, If your goals are met at the end of the day You are Successfull

What is your biggest career embarrassment? Me, My Sister, My fiance and her brother(frankie) and his Girlfriend(Celly) Were in Philly for a show i had scheduled on Broad St. A so called friend of mine(who handled my money for placement in the show) told me it cost 300$, It only cost 150$. When i found that out I turned and he started walking i said “GAMBO” he took off. I chased his ass around the block and he was gone!! so the saying “You aint catching a crackhead” is true because i use to smoke his ass in racing on the field in H.S.

Most memorable moment in creating one of your records? Almost crying recording my track “Calls of Death” on The Storm Project track 10 very difficult to complete that one damn im almost tearing up as i talk about it.

Who has been the most influential person in your music career? Actually its my Fiance, she said “babe with lyrics like that somebody will hear” I was 19 when she said that, Now im 26 and she still here with me waiting for that day to come.

Who is your celeb look-alike? Apparently Alot Shout out to Ben Bullock. He says im Shawne Merriman aka Lights Out! I also get Tyson Chandler, Ice Cube, Braxton hartnabrig From jamie fox show! The Game( only in a white tee and LA Cap)I even got a “When you turn 50 you gonna look like Ice T” Comparison you know, just about every damn lightskin man out there!!

what was your first job? A janitor, and boy it was my last!!!! Shout out to Tod Fangman And Brandon Reeves!!!!

What is your worst Fear? Failing, I would rather take a bullet

What is your guilty pleasure? Its Weird, Giving my last to somebody its crazy Because people take advantage of that. I love giving my last more then music!! Thats gotta change, gotta be selfish at some point but wish me luck at it lol.

What artists would you love to work with? Nas, Eminem, Dre, Cube, Jay-z, and just a two hour Sit down With Krs-1. Would love to Polly with Him i could learn alot!

Any advice or lessons learned in the music industry that you would like to
share with other indie artists?
 Invest in yourself, And stay away from people like GAMBO. Throw them a perk and let them Fetch!!!

What is the number one thing you hope people get out of your music? I need to listen to him on a regular Basis

Where can people get in touch with you? www.jaypurnell.com I have links to Fb, Twitter, youtube and Contact info. You can always get in touch with me.

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